Amstel Radler once again wants us to bring out the “doer” we have in us

By July 22, 2019 Noticias
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Amstel Radler is challenging people again to “bring out the doer we all have in us” in its new, refreshing campaign. The brand was the first to mix beer with natural lemon juice. That’s why it wants to commend all those who start great things.

Last summer, the brand encouraged people to count the exact amount of lemons that made up the gigantic banner in the centre of Madrid, and this year it is continuing with its #EsDeMotivado campaign, encouraging everyone to bring out the “doer” we have in us. A new banner has been created, with a challenge that only a real “doer” can complete. No less than finding a bottle opener among thousands of lemons. The person who finds it will win 1 year of free Amstel Radler.

So that everyone can participate, the website has been developed where users can look for the bottle opener, take a screenshot and post their response. The creative agency that developed the campaign is Publips Serviceplan.

By way of supporting the digital action, three large banners have been installed at central points in Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia. With this data collection strategy, the brand wanted to continue its outdoor communication campaign from last summer while looking to redirect traffic to the website, through the creation of different social media and display pieces.  Dentsu Redstar was the media agency for the campaign.