The most special Fallas celebrations with Amstel

Amstel highlights the stories that make Fallas special

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All Hogueras are special: Amstel’s Recognition of the celebrations in Alicante

#HoraDeReconocer, Amstel’s new campaign

Amstel takes “El Pelotari y la Fallera” to the streets

Amstel and Publips-Serviceplan present the AMSTEL MANTA&CABASSET COLLECTION

Amstel launches the first dual trailer in history for “El Pelotari y la Fallera”

The first film depicted in beer bottle labels

Amstel presents its first film project “El Pelotari y la Fallera”

Amstel launches the Espolín Movement

The Extraordinary Journey of Amstel Oro

Amstel presents “Special chef edition by Pepe Rodríguez”

Amstel creates for Alicante a special VIBRATING MASCLETÀ

Mikel López Iturriaga, Amstel Oro’s opinion leader for the new digital campaign

AMSTEL makes a lot of noise with their last campaign to reach the UNESCO’s ears

Amstel oro: A beer ad that talks about beer

Sing something nice to them this year


Amstel Fallas 2014