“Your success is our commitment”, MAKRO’s new positioning

Launch of the new brand, MAKRO Chef

The first MAKRO Chef pop-up restaurant in the world is open for business


MAKRO presents its new own-brand products thanks to Publips-Serviceplan

Campaña Navidad Makro

MAKRO’s Christmas campaign that recognises the efforts of those in the HORECA industry

Makro opens a new centre in Barcelona and entrusts the opening campaign to Publips-Serviceplan

MAKRO celebrates the “Horeca and Own Business Day”

Makro launches the Geoplato, Publips-Serviceplan’s new campaign to promote ‘los martes de la hostelería’

“Ni un restaurante sin su gente” (Not One Restaurant Without Its People), Publips-Serviceplan’s new campaign for Makro

Makro takes it “Monument to the HORECA industry” to Madrid Fusión


The other Kings of Christmas

The renowned Michelin chef Ángel León stars in “Always Aponiente”

Makro monument