#NoMatterWhereTheyComeFrom (#VenganDeDondeVengan), the world leaders in a boat

By June 1, 2018 Noticias
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Publips Serviceplan is the agency is charge of the new campaign for the NGO, Proactiva Open Arms, #NoMatterWhereTheyComeFrom (#VenganDeDondeVengan). A call to action to world leaders about the ordeal that refugees escaping conflicts, persecution or poverty experience on their journey to Europe. The campaign is an awareness-raising message so that no life goes adrift.  No matter who they are. #NoMatterWhereTheyComeFrom.

The campaign graphic places Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Mariano Rajoy, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Sebastian Kurz together in a small boat, just like the thousands of people who experience this ordeal in person.

Since September 2015, the NGO Proactiva Open Arms has saved over 59,000 lives. People who embark on the most dangerous journey of their lives in open waters. But on the 17th March, Proactiva Open Arms’ boat was detained at a port in Sicily after having picked up 216 immigrants.

The organisation is now faced with 7 years in prison due to accusations that it is encouraging immigration. And the worst thing is that since the agreement between Italy and Libya has been acknowledged, no NGO is able to carry out lifesaving operations in the Mediterranean.