600 litres of Amstel Radler to aid the thirstiest town in Spain

Publips delivered a container-transported by a semi-trailer truck of great dimensions-, with over 600 litres of Amstel Radler and 1,000 packs with prizes to Sinarcas, Valencia. Last August the locality that won the Amstel Radler container, among more than 30 participating towns throughout Spain with the hashtag #MogollonesdeTrillones (#TonsofTrillions), was announced.

“I cannot believe we won” were the words of Laura Santamaría, the lucky winner of the Amstel Radler container, when she found out she had won 619 litres of beer with a refreshing touch of natural lemon for her town, Sinarcas, a small locality in the Utiel-Requena region, inland Valencia, very close to the province of Cuenca, a very warm and mainly agricultural area with 1,150 residents.

The Amstel Radler container prize draw to aid the thirstiest Spanish towns is part of the Amstel Radler summer campaign #MogollonesDeTrillones (#tonsoftrilllions), designed by Publips for the hottest summer the last 40 years. During the month of August, citizens had to nominate their town on Twitter as being worthy of this refreshing cargo- consisting of 1,875 refreshing Amstel Radler beer cans, a refreshing mix of beer and genuine lemon juice, and 1,000 promotional packs that included backpacks, sunglasses and flip-flops, with the hashtag #MogollonesDeTrillones (#tonsoftrillions). More than 30 locations throughout Spain have joined the promotion that has achieved almost 5 million impacts, with a reach of 2.7 million people on Twitter in the three weeks the action lasted.

The initiative was carried out on social networks and encouraged participation through the brand’s channels with pictures of the container and several Vines, 6 second long videos, where you could see a driver with a map figuring out where he needed to quench thirst or several people carrying Amstel Radler beer cans. This action complements another, also very successful on social networks, #BraseroTengoSed (#BraseroIamThirsty), in which Amstel Radler created S.E.D, the Emergency Services against Dehydration, captained by the meteorologist Brasero, who quenched thirst by home delivery in several cities across Spain through the hashtag mentioned in the beginning of summer.