How Amstel became the coolest beer in Levante

Why do we burn down the Fallas? Every year, more than a million tourists ask us the same question. This year, Amstel wanted to answer this infamous question regarding our iconic festival.

The campaign consisted of two phases: an initial phase that, with a teaser video and the collaboration of influencers and personalities of Valencia’s cultural scene, asked the people of Valencia to leave their answers via Amstel’s digital platforms under the hashtag #quemamoslasfallaspor (#weburndownthefallasbecause).

We used the over 1,000 responses received in that week to create a video that included all the main motives that answered the infamous question regarding this spectacular festival. An emotional video which played over 150,000 times on the brand’s YouTube channel in the first week, creating even more hype with the hashtag #quemamoslasfallaspor (#weburndownthefallasbecause).

Once again, the Amstel Fallas campaign aimed at surprising the people of Valencia and consolidating the brand’s notoriety in the city.