Amstel oro: A beer ad that talks about beer

An attractive and sensory TV ad that aims to showcase the properties of Amstel Oro, a premium beer, toasted in three stages, that you just have to drink

The ‘journey’ of Amstel Oro is a beer ad that is finally about beer. According to Clara Casanova, Brand Manager at Amstel, the goal of this campaign was to “generate hype about the launch of Amstel Oro by creating an attractive ad that focuses on the product because Amstel Oro is a top-quality malt beer, toasted in three stages (drying, toasting and blast heating), affording it a differential production process”.

With this basis we created an aesthetically beautiful ad. According to Manu Cavanilles, General Creative Director at Publips, “the spot shows the production process of an Amstel Oro, a special beer with 6.2º alcohol, from the malt to the end consumer. We’ve told it like a journey; almost, almost like a short film”.

To achieve the effect we were looking for, to focus on the excellent product and its production process, we used two different directors in locations in London, Segovia and Madrid. British director David Wynn Jones filmed the product shots in London. Wynn Jones says that the most complicated part of the spot was “finding the different camera angles to show the product off as appealingly as possible and awaken the interest of the public”.

Major resources for this campaign by Publips to launch a premium beer, Amstel Oro, which tells the story of ‘The journey of Amstel Oro’. An extraordinary beer from start to finish.