Amstel presents its first film project “El Pelotari y la Fallera”

This Wednesday, April 5 at 9:30 p.m. in the Callao Cinema of Madrid ,the beer brand Amstel has presented the film project `”El Pelotari y la Fallera” (The Pelota Player and the Fallera), created by renowned director Julio Medem and whose protagonists are the actors Asier Etxeandia and Miriam Giovanelli. The creative agency for the project is Publips-Serviceplan.

“El Pelotari y la Fallera” is a tribute to Spain’s diverse and exquisite gastronomy. From the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean, this love story travels the geography of our country on a culinary route where dishes of the most avant-garde and traditional cuisine find a unifying element; Amstel’s unique 100% malt flavour beer as the perfect pairing for the different plates.

The script, written by Julio Medem, is a signature piece that narrates the relationship between Mar and Unai, two chefs who feel irresistibly attracted to each other but have opposite ways of understanding and enjoying cuisine. Although they define themselves as “gastronomically incompatible”, they decide to take together a trip from the Basque Country to the Region of Valencia, two regions with which Amstel maintains a close relationship.

The roasting and the blast heating process of the malts will mark the plot of this impossible love story, in which passion crosses the barrier in fiction.

Asier Etxeandia and Miriam Giovanelli are both two great actors in the current film and television scene, who have been able to convey how the passion for gastronomy combined with desire can create a romance full of quality, flavour and unique moments. Both play a double role, themselves as actors and their characters: Unai, a Basque chef passionate about traditional flavour, and Mar, a young promise of avant-garde Levantine gastronomy.

Julio Medem, director famous for films such as “Lovers of the Arctic Circle” (1998), “Sex and Lucía” (2001) or “Ma Ma” (2015) and through whose blood runs Basque and Valencian origins, explained that ” From the beginning the ingredients of this story seemed very suggestive to me, so I decided to cook them and compose a story about flames, contrasts and passion for gastronomy.”

“This is Amstel’s first motion picture experience, and to narrate this gastronomic love story we needed a person who could put the same utmost care for details and also that original touch with which we make our beer Amstel. And we found it in Julio Medem, who from the beginning welcomed the project with great affection and who has brought to life this narration with an intimate story and at the same time a simple love story that happens seated around a table ” , Explained Marta García, Marketing Director of HEINEKEN Spain.

The film story is divided into three acts representing Amstel Gold’s three malts; Amstel’s special beer that is made with a first process of toasting malt, followed by drying and finally, blast heating. The result is a roasted beer with a more intense and slightly caramelised aroma, an excellent product whose quality has been recognised in 2015, the year of its launch, by the New York International Taste and Quality – ITQI – in 2016.

“El Pelotari y la Fallera” will be available from day 6 on the web

Two regions historically linked to the brand

The representation of the Valencian and Basque regions in this project is no coincidence, it represents that link between Amstel and both regions. Amstel has maintained a close relationship with the Valencians for decades. It is the only great beer brand that is made in the Region of Valencia, at the HEINEKEN Spain factory in Quart de Poblet. The brewery has collaborated for over 30 years with the Fallas festival, as well as other important celebrations in the region such as the Bonfires of Alicante and in the day to day of the Valencians. The emblematic building Veles e Vents, a space conceived as a gastronomic cluster that combines catering, gastronomic and cultural training, is also a sign of the brewery’s commitment to the region.

Likewise, its link with the Basque Country is closely related to Amstel Oro, a special beer that has its origins in the tradition of master brewers of the north in the early 20th century. The taste and body of Amstel Oro make it an ideal beer for gastronomic pairings. The brand sponsors the Amstel Gold Pintxos Championship, as well as other initiatives related to gastronomy such as the Amstel Bilboro Market. The company is also part of the patronage of the renowned Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastián.