Amstel Radler, National Paddle Tennis Series natural sponsor

Publips and Amstel Radler launch a series of 9 Vine videos with humor as the protagonist to promote the National Paddle Tennis Series, a sporting event that Amstel Radler is a natural sponsor of. The objective of these fun and original 6 second videos has been to disseminate this amateur championship on social networks and publicize the Amstel beer brand’s commitment to a healthy and natural life.

During the four weeks of the action, funny videos could be watched on Facebook and Twitter where the different kinds of players that exist on the paddle tennis court were portrayed such as the actor player, the model player or the figure player, all with great sense of humour.

“#EsNatural (#ItisNatural) to have a few beers after the paddle match as a team” or “#Esnatural (#ItisNatural) to want to win just to upload a selfie on Instagram “, are some of the slogans designed by Publips to help disseminate these vines on social networks and motivate sector influencers to dynamize the action on their profiles.

In addition to these short videos, the action has been completed by a series of graphics and promotions that implied that an Amstel Radler is the best company when stretching or training.



Vine Smash

A natural sponsorship

Radler Amstel is the only beer with natural lemon juice and 100% malt. Under the concept #EsNatural (itisnatural) a way of understanding the sport is defended, so natural and without artifices such as the best beer to drink after practicing sports. So, the best way to explain it is with 6 second vines and images that demonstrate this philosophy. Therefore, #esnatural (#itisnatural) that Amstel Radler be the official sponsor of the National Paddle Tennis Series. A sponsorship commitment since February of this year and that has achieved great buzz on social networks. This action by Publips for Amstel Radler has achieved more than 6.2 million impacts. On Facebook, 1.5 million people were reached and the vines obtained nearly 500,000 video views on Facebook.





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