Amstel Radler’s lemons have touched down in Madrid

Amstel Radler has put up a huge canvas in honour of the real lemons that it is made with. The 238m2 canvas, at nº 111 Calle Fuencarral, one of the most central streets in Madrid, also includes a challenge for passers-by: guess the exact amount of lemons that it comprises. This action that we set in motion for the brand is a continuation of the campaign “It all starts with a doer”. 

The canvas, with the title “You can’t get this taste without lemons” (“Hay que tener limones para conseguir este sabor”), puts the spotlight on the natural juice that gives the product its perfect and refreshing balance. Answers to the challenge presented as a competition can be sent via the website, and the winner will win a year of unlimited Amstel Radler. No brand has ever given such a great prize just for counting lemons, and what is the objective? The same one outlined by the brand from the start of its 2018 campaign: Bring out the doer that we all have inside of us.

This plan that we have been developing for Amstel forms a part of the new communication platform, “Unchain the Great”. As for Amstel Radler, it ends its pieces with “Be refreshed and unchain the great” to encourage consumers to take a fresh view on things. With this special action, the brand wanted to finalise its outdoor campaign that was set in motion in May with 930 posters in the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza, Alicante, Castellón, Salamanca and Guadalajara. In Madrid, the campaign also featured a digital circuit in which a series of fun animations highlighted the product characteristics and offered passers-by the chance to have an Amstel Radler. Dentsu RedStar was the media agency that we worked with.