Chufi-flavoured Fallas celebrations

Chufi is leaving the taste of Fallas in the hands of Publips-Serviceplan for yet another year. The Lactalis Group wanted to be a part of the celebrations, refreshing the arrival of spring for Valencians and visitors at the celebration recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

And as Fallas are fundamentally an outdoor celebration, Publips-Serviceplan distributed squads throughout the streets of Valencia who gave groups of passers-by small challenges in order to win different prizes.

A street initiative with the purest Mediterranean style that will create entertaining scenes in the centre of the celebrations, like laying down towels on the ground or sunbathing on a beach lounger in the middle of the city.

These Chufi squads have been giving out horchata from Segways, specifically the Mop Up model. A model equipped with a refrigerated compartment that allows the distribution of a cold product. Quite an innovation in Spain.

What’s more, the initiative included boosting Chufi’s digital channels with contests and prizes including a trip to Formentera for four people.