Cruzcampo pays tribute to the people of Seville with the “Sin ti no hay Feria” (Without you there is no Fair)

Cruzcampo has created within the context of the April Fair in Seville, a campaign comprised of a digital strategy, a video and outdoor actions, to pay tribute to the people of Seville and all those who make this festival possible.

The video “Sin ti no hay feria” (without you there is no fair) talks of the Seville Fair with focus on the significance of the people, all those individuals who are essential for the Fair: those who are mentioned in the anecdotes, those who tell them: girls dancing, people laughing, iconic characters like the “flamenca”, the assembler of the “casetas” or horsemen.

The atmosphere that prevails in the city during the fair will be conveyed to all of the citizens through a circuit of outdoor signage inspired by classic posters, portraying those people being paid tribute. Posters that are signed by the renowned illustrator Jesús Aguada. Likewise, Cruzcampo encourages its citizens to create and share their own personalised Fair poster on their social profiles.

Bus shelters that dispense carnations

Catching the bus on those days will come with a surprise, as the people of Seville can get a carnation in one of the city’s 5 dispensing bus shelters. The more than 4,000 carnations are made in origami- the Japanese paper technique- to ensure its continued existence.

This campaign highlights the involvement of Cruzcampo with the fair and aims to create meeting points between the brand and the public.