Actor Pablo Rivero stars in the movie Paella Today!

The well-known TV, movie and theatre actor, Pablo Rivero, stars in the Valencia film production Paella Today! The film begins shooting next 3 October through different scenarios of the city of Valencia, and the La Malvarrosa beach or near La Lonja or the Central Market. It tells the story of a quirky, cheerful, culinary and torrid love triangle with the paella as the backstory.

Pablo Rivero will play the star of this unique love triangle formed by the Valencian actriz Olga Alamán and Pau Gregori. The cast also includes Alberto Jo Lee, the musical group El barco o La Fuga and Valencian, Emilio Mencheta (REC3).

The feature film comedy by César Sabater and the production company Naumaquia, is executive produced by Luis Piquer and César Castellote. The movie has the support of Culturarts-IVAC (Valencian Institute of Audiovisual and Cinematography) and major Valencian brands such as Arroz Dacsa rice or Garcima, among others that are joining the project, and the collaboration of the Publips-Serviceplan agency.

Paella Today! is a Mediterranean gastro-comedy, suitable for all audiences, which seeks to transcend internationally by highlighting the culture of hard work, warm, welcoming, generous and entrepreneurial nature as their values while also trying to say away from certain past stigmas.