“#EsDeMotivado”, Amstel Radler’s new campaign

Publips-Serviceplan has launched Amstel Radler’s campaign for 2018. A 360º campaign that focuses on that one type of person we all know: the Doer. With the hashtag #EsDeMotivado, it talks about the importance of taking the first step to ‘unchaining the great’.

In its TV campaign, the brand shows the first doer who had the idea of mixing Amstel with natural lemon juice, which became the most consumed beer and lemon drink in Spain. The campaign, whose digital strategy is essential, aims to collect all those insights that encourage users to define and share how a doer acts. Publips-Serviceplan was the creative agency that developed and implemented this transversal campaign for the beer brand and the agency responsible for the media strategy was Red Star.

The campaign is made up of two pieces; Amstel Radler 30” and 20” spots for TV. The ad features the figure of the doer who experiences a change in attitude with the help of the product. In a world full of ‘beards everywhere, making temperatures rise’, he decides to shave off his beard, to everyone’s surprise. A change that can be made, just by seeing things from a fresh point of view.

The claim helps to reinforce the product’s function and its refreshing characteristics: “Amstel Radler, Be Refreshed and Unchain the Great”. Our doer’s new attitude ends up being infectious.

But the #EsDeMotivado campaign’s digital strategy has a life of its own. Our doer continues to build on his characteristics in the digital universe with short pieces specific to the content schedule and with segmented communication for different consumer profiles: Low and non-alcoholic, Promotion Lovers, Beer Lovers… A digital strategy which uses Data Driven and Always Ready to be relevant for the user.

Throughout the year, different activations will reinforce the message: a digital outdoor campaign and a promotional activation from the website www.esdemotivado.com. This transversality allows the brand a new positioning and a campaign concept based on a universal and unforgettable insight: The Doer.