All Hogueras are special: Amstel’s Recognition of the celebrations in Alicante

The municipal celebrations in Alicante are 90 years old, an anniversary that Amstel wanted to make the most of to carry out a large-scale recognition action, highlighting that all Hogueras are special. That’s why the brand created the ‘Premi Amstel unes Fogueres de Categoria’, a new award that was given to Hoguera Port d’Alacant.

More than half of the official Hogueras could nominate themselves by uploading a text, image or video to social media with the hashtag #TodasLasHoguerasSonEspeciales. The peice needed to explain the reasons why they were derserving of the categoría prize. The people of Alicente were able to vote for their favourites via an application on Amstel España’s official Facebook page. Of the five most voted commissions, a professional judging panel decided who would be the winner:  Port d’Alacant. But that’s not all, a randomly chosen voter together with 4 friends/family members became Foguerer VIP, being able to enjoy the dinner at the Plantà and all the mascletàs from the brand’s VIP zone.

Without doubt a great year for Por d´Alacant, the winning Foguera which thanks to Amstel, received an an innovative, delicious, Michelin-star banquet from the Chef Rafa Soler during the Plantà, an exclusive concert from the rapper Arkano, , a real success with the crowd with over 1 million followers of social media and platforms like YouTube. Also, Amstel sponsored the Cremà of the winning Hoguera, which included a firework display created by Pedro Sirvent, a well-known name in the official pyrotechnic programme. A fantastic finishing touch for the special celebrations.

Official t-shirts of the 90th anniversary, created by the designer Sanz i Vila

For another year, Publips Serviceplan was the agency in charge of setting the Hogueras campaign in motion for Amstel, with the aim of boosting brand visibility with the “Premi Amstel unes Fogueres de Categoria” 2018 campaign adding to the initiatives from other years such as the “Manta&Cabasset Collection” or the “La Mascletà para vibrar”.