#HoraDeReconocer, Amstel’s new campaign

Amstel has launched #HoraDeReconocer (www.horadereconocer.com), a web series made up of 8 episodes directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and featuring the recent Goya-winning actor Javier Gutiérrez. The creative agency that developed the campaign was Publips-Serviceplan.

 The series, with a version for a TV spot, has been produced by the beer brand and is based on the study promoted by Amstel “The Appreciation Index in Spain” which brings to light the country’s lack of appreciation. The study reveals striking facts like that 80% of Spaniards don’t feel valued at work, or that 6 in 10 don’t feel appreciated by their partner, or that almost 70% of mothers in Spain aren’t appreciated like they should be.

“Hora de Reconocer” was created to urge an entire country to recognise the good things. With eight short episodes, the viewer is presented with everyday examples such as the not appreciating the effort that a mother has put into a meal she has been cooking all morning; the friend who spends all Sunday making a paella in the burning sun and who only gets complaints from his friends, or after having organised all the details of moving house the fact that there is always someone asking about the most insignificant things.

With this launch, Amstel has created an innovative audio-visual product, aimed at the digital world and supported by TV. The concept is in line with the current trend of rapid consumption and entertainment. A new content format where relatable characters and fun plots are in abundance: a family, relationships, and all sorts of adventures in life. Javier Gutiérrez is the star of this sitcom who, retaining his humour, is the voice of reason, and is able to freeze time and transform criticism to appreciation in all these situations.    

Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, one of the Spanish film directors who best depicts reality with a comedic tone, directed this series, presenting us with everyday scenes where, out of habit, those who put in the effort aren’t recognised. This is the first web series for the director. An audio-visual product which has been described as “innovative and which follows in the wake of Modern Family” and which depicts everyday situations using humour. “It has been a great experience to address key sitcom codes in short pieces. To find the spark, we let the situations flow and grow while shooting, finding gags in all the things that were going on at the same time”, the director highlighted.