Gold EFI award for IKEA’s Salvem La frescå

IKEA aims to save one of the most Mediterranean tradition that exists, along with the siesta: la fresca. In other words, the healthy habit of sitting outside at around 21:00h in order to beat the high summer temperatures and chat with neighbors, forgetting about daily concerns.

Aboard different trucks, the IKEA team travelled to the city of Valencia’s most emblematic neighborhoods where la fresca still exists- El Cabanyal, Patraix and Campanar- handing out special edition “La Fresca” chairs to neighbors who were on their doorstep enjoying this tradition. An action within the framework of the first anniversary of IKEA’s store opening in Valencia.

The results of this action made it possible to achieve the Gold Eficacia Award (EFI) and the action was also finalist to the EFI Grand Award.

On the one hand, the “la fresca” chairs sold out in the store and the video generated as content for Ikea Social Networks was shared more than 10,000 times, and in just two days it accumulated 6,500 comments. Such was the impact of this Street Marketing action that 400 media wrote about it. Such an effective campaign that it ranked as one of the five campaigns with greater organic reach on the YouTube Ads Leaderboard, achieving within a few days over 700,000 total views.


The “Salvemos la fresca” campaign was completed with various in-store activities for customers, families and children, live music and more than 100 products, among them the famous “la fresca” chairs with up to a 30% discount and which sold out.