The Kanzi Apple goes on tour with Bombai

Kanzi, the apple with the power of great taste has kicked off its collaboration with Bombai. The brand has launched its new campaign that associates its properties to music, sponsoring the 2019 tour of the band famous for their single “Solo si es contigo”. The creative agency that has developed and will implement the campaign is Publips Serviceplan.

The brand, whose claim is “Seduce Life”, is reinforcing its young, modern and light-hearted positioning with this campaign, as well as linking its actions to music and to the intensity of living life. As well as music, Kanzi is also focussing its messages on the great taste and the bite of this unique variety of apple that makes it so different from the rest: “The power of great taste”. That’s why the collaboration with Bombai will centre on Kanzi’s taste and its crunchy bite.

Javi (voice), Vicente and Ramón (ukuleles and guitars) make up the band Bombai. The three friends came to Valencia with the coastal influence running through their veins and created Bombai after years in the music industry. Their tastes and influences are reflected in their songs including genres like pop-rock, alternative music and reggae.

The best crunch in Spain

Kanzi is looking for the best crunch in Spain and that’s why it has called for a casting that will take place at the venues of Bombai’s upcoming concerts (Valencia, Madrid, Seville and Barcelona). A casting to find the perfect crunch among the group’s fans, with an improvised recording studio located at the venue doors of the tour which kicks off in March. The three best bites from each city will be invited to get on stage and the audience will decide the winner from their applause. The loudest and crunchiest bite of all the cities will be in a Bombai song and video clip that is sure to be a summer hit and which will feature on the band’s new album. The campaign will have a focus on digital, using Kanzi and Bombai’s social media channels, as well as radio and PR actions.