Kanzi’s large scale casting to find the best crunch in Spain

The Kanzi apple has kicked off its collaboration with the band Bombai on their tour around Spain which will take them to cities like Valencia, Madrid, Seville and Bareclona, throughout March. The brand of apples has launched its new campaign which ties its properties to music with its sponsorship of the 2019 tour of the band best known for their single “Solo si es contigo”. The campaign focuses on a casting to find the best crunch in Spain, which will form part of the group’s new music video.

It is an innovative sampling action that takes place in four of Spain’s largest cities, which has already made thousands of people in Valencia and Madrid want to show off the unique sound of their bite. A very experiential casting which was created with the aim of interacting with the consumer, giving them the opportunity to measure their abilities and achieve the best bite in a mobile recording studio. The Kanzi apple is the recurring image throughout this special direct marketing action and Bombai’s participation is the finishing touch thanks to their interaction with fans in the unplugged sessions of their best hits played in the street to the delight of passers-by.

On board a personalised lorry made into a recording studio, Kanzi and Bombai have launched a challenge in pursuit of the perfect Kanzi ‘crunch’: passers-by will be encouraged to record the sound of them biting an apple. The three best ‘crunches’ have been invited to get up on stage with Bombai, where the public will decide the winner. The chosen crunch will appear in one of the band’s songs, which will be part of the new album whose lyrics will mention Kanzi apples. The song will also have its own videoclip, where the image of the apple will be seen.

The action also has a social media strategy which includes a plan for influencers and promotions on Facebook and Instagram with branded merchandise give-aways and competitions for Bombai concert tickets. The winning bite will also take home a big cash prize.