The Region of Valencia’s shows its tourist destinations in Pixel Art

The art of 8Bits images or Pixel Art is the protagonist of the “Palco Beach. Festivals and beach with a touch of luxury” campaign for the Region of Valencia Tourism. With the aesthetic of games from the 80s, 9 emblematic images of the Region of Valencia were pixelated for users to identify with the hashtag #QuieroUnPalcoBeach (#IWantABeachBoxSeat) to win a season ticket with accommodation for four people at the Low Cost Festival of Benidorm and Arenal Sound, in Borriana and a few days to spend relaxing after so much good music.

The campaign was developed on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram through Pixel Art. This technique, which creates images from small squares, causes “pixelated” and “technological vintage” style illustrations. Thus, tourist images of the Region of Valencia have been turned into 8 bits illustrations and distributed on the Region of Valencia’s social profiles, waiting for perceptive people to identify locations.


400,000 users reached

Anyone who wanted to participate could through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, all they had to do was name the tourism resources that appeared in the illustrations (the City of Arts and Sciences, La Albufera and Calpe, Denia, Morella up to eight locations of the Region in 9 images). The winners entered a draw for original posters with these corners of the Region and they were eligible for the grand prize: a season ticket for four people, with accommodation at two of Valencia’s most famous music festivals: Arenal Sound in Borriana and Low Cost in Benidorm. One way to link tourism of the Region with music festival tourism for young people.

The Region of Valencia Tourism campaign, in collaboration with the Temporary Consortium formed by Publips, Engloba and Havas Media, obtained very good results. The hashtag #QuieroUnPalcoBeach obtained 10,972 interactions while the total reach of the promotion was 400,000 users and the social community on Facebook increased by over 4,000 fans.

An action that helped position the Region of Valencia -during the contest and with the synergy of the online strategic activations-, on an interaction level as the first tourist destination of Spain on Social Networks and the second national tourist destination on Facebook.