Launch of the new brand, MAKRO Chef 

The agency has presented “Ingredients for your passion”, the new audio-visual piece for MAKRO for the launch of the new range of products called MAKRO Chef.

The 52” fresh, realist video shows the products in their true essence with spectacular shots. An aspirational piece to make this new brand known.

MAKRO Chef (the brand with all the ingredients for your passion) together with MAKRO Professional (the trusted brand for your business) and MAKRO Premium (the inspirational brand that will differentiate your cooking) are the three own brands that constitute MAKRO’s backbone. The agency in charge of the global launch campaign is Publips-Serviceplan.

The campaign, which kicked off in February, worked with Susi Díaz the well-known Michelin star chef from La Finca and various cooking TV programs, as the campaign image and opinion leader. This recently launched spot goes together with another 60” audio-visual piece featuring Susi Díaz, banners, social media pieces and POS displays. In addition, in March MAKRO opened its first pop-up restaurant with the famous chef in the kitchen, in order to present the MAKRO Chef range to the media.