The HORECA industry deserves a monument

Every day, one million three hundred thousand people in Spain rises to serve coffee, to cook food, and make us, in short, a little happier. With a marathon times, men and women working in this sector achieve, by their efforts, that hospitality becomes one of the great economic, social and cultural drivers of our country. That is why Makro wanted to honor them through a monument – a Service Plan’ agency action.

The monument, a cube with four large LED screens of 3×3 meters, was located from 24th to 26th of April at the Felipe II square in Madrid,

This was the video teaser with which promotes the action and encourage citizens to attend the inauguration.

The four-sided screens help the citizen to get a composition of the importance of hospitality in our lives. In the first one, you can discover stories of the hotel industry to communicate the significance of their achievements and challenges, for example, Madrid was the city which gained more Michelin stars in 2012, or that 342 Spanish restaurants hold a Repsol Sun thanks to their quality or that every day, 50 new bars in Spain are opened.

The second side is undoubtedly the face of the hoteliers. This one will discover some real people behind our bars and restaurants. A face that invites visitors to send their messages of support through Facebook and Twitter.

The recognition face is the third screen. In it, Makro employees, representatives of hospitality associations or even internationally renowned chefs of Spain will give us good arguments regarding why the Spanish hospitality deserves a monument.

The fourth screen is the most interactive of all. Visitors may select any of our virtual bars as background for an original #SelfieHostelero.

A monument to be visited during three days with a great audiovisual production by Service Plan. Hours of recording and a complex software programming to honor our hospitality as deserved.