Measuring your wind power for EDPr’s international campaign

We have launched EDPr’s new international campaign, “Yes to wind power”. The renewable energy brand wanted to promote the advantages of wind power as an alternative energy source in its digital branding campaign. This informative and awareness-raising action developed in Spain, Italy, Poland, France, U.K., and Brazil at the same time, was initiated by the company and the Wind Power Associations in each country.

The digital campaign is being rolled out for the third time with the collaborations of Publips-Serviceplan. The action is supported on the website where, via an app, users can measure their ‘windpower’ and lung capacity by carrying out a simple exercise: blowing on the computer’s or phone’s microphone to make the virtual wind turbine move, is also part of the action.

After a few seconds, users receive a message with an analysis of their blowing power, an infographic and a conversion of their wind power to volts, encouraging them to share it with friends afterwards. By doing so, they form part of a list of participants who are entered into a weekly prize draw, with the opportunity of winning a 3D wind turbine puzzle or a turbine that works with sun light. The best participants of each month will win an experience in a wind tunnel.

The digital strategy, alongside the app, will roll out a digital content and community plan in Spain, Italy, Poland, France, U.K., and Brazil with content that talk about the advantages of wind power and how easy it is to produce energy.