Paella Today, the first film co-produced by an advertising agency

Paella Today is the first feature film launched and co-produced by an advertising agency. A film that defends universal brands such as love, diversity or freedom of choice. A Mediterranean gastrocomedy that has the support of numerous institutions and ambassador brands.

The film is a social satire, a love story (or rather a story of polyamory) with a gastronomic contest as a backdrop; splashed with fun characters and well-known faces that inject life into an entertaining gastrocomedy to showcase our entire territory.

But that’s not all, because as well as the feature film we also wrote a novel that will be distributed throughout the different establishments that appear in the film, creating an innovative free outdoor campaign at the points of sale.

The film also implements a sound track and a video clip interpreted entirely by Mediterranean groups to showcase the artistic talent of the region.

Paella today, has not only generated a strong interest in the world of cinema with its recent international sale at the Málaga festival, but also in the advertising sector making Publips-Serviceplan the first Spanish agency to write and co-produce a film.