Promotion campaign for ‘El Desentierro’, the film featuring Leonardo Sbaraglia

Publips Serviceplan is the agency is charge of the promotion campaign for ‘El Desentierro’. Director Nacho Ruipérez’s debut, starring Leonardo Sbaraglia, Michael Noher and Jan Cornet, was co-produced by Filmax, TVE, El Desentierro AIE, Culturarts, Abordar SL and the Argentinian Aleph media SA.

The agency has developed the online and offline promotion strategies for the film which will be released in autumn. The thriller stands out for its actors (Raúl PrietoAna Torrent, Francesc GarridoJordi Rebellón and Arben Bajraktaraj (Harry Potter 1 & 2) and its many locations. A gripping story that starts with the sudden appearance of Vera in a Spanish coastal town, which makes Jordi (Sbaraglia) investigate and look for his father, who was thought dead for 20 years. There are many mysteries to be resolved during this suspense film that blends current times with the 90’s using flashbacks.

Publips Serviceplan has varied experience in promoting audio-visual products such as the short film “El pelotari y la fallera” by Julio Medem, or the web series “Time to Appreciate” by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, among others. It was also the first Spanish advertising agency to be involved with cinematographic production with the feature-length film, Paella Today. A film whose communication campaign achieved a ROI of over €4 million.