Publips-Seviceplan begins working for Mustang

Publips-Serviceplan begins working for the shoe firm Mustang. Specifically, with the Spring-Summer 2017 collection. The campaign titled #YourRules is composed of a Fashion Film, videos for the digital environment, social media dynamics, POS displays, materials for international fairs and graphic pieces.

The campaign, the first to be carried out by Publips-Serviceplan for the brand, presents the #YourRules creative concept. A concept that speaks of the pressure that millennials go through and feel today: having a good job, thinking about buying a house, having a stable partner and even thinking about having children.

Through different situations, the protagonists are shown going against the tide and doing what they really want to do, demonstrating their personality by writing their own rules. Nonconformist attitudes that display Mustang’s rebel side and that distance us from romanticism and political correctness. Each situation is a statement of how they feel and think. Each photo is a cover letter in which millennials are shown as they are, without filters.