Publips-Serviceplan devises Max Maddox’s European Campaign, the youth brand of the Munreco group

Publips-Serviceplan is responsible for Mark Maddox’s new campaign, the brand of watches aimed at the younger audience of the Munreco group.

The campaign, entitled “Proyecciones” (projections), will be seen during the next six months in the digital environment and at the POS. Proyecciones is composed of a fashion film to support digital communication, social channels and various graphic pieces for POS.

The campaign’s claim “It is not about what is being worn, but who wears it”, plays with the duality between an interior space and projections that situate us in another space. Creating a game of ambiguities on which the stories and personalities are defined by the characters.

Therefore, after launching Viceroy’s Christmas campaign last winter, Publips-Serviceplan works again for Grupo Munreco for their new brand Mark Maddox.