Seagram’s Gin Jazz Festival through Paco Roca’s illustrations

Paco Roca-the winner of two Goyas and the National Comic Award- collaborated in the graphic designs of the 19th Seagram’s Gin Jazz Festival. The focal point of the campaign is an illustration in which the music is the star. In it, you can sense the characteristic rhythm and nightlife of North American jazz musicians. In Paco Roca’s words, this aesthetic that has served as inspiration for the campaign, exemplifies the diversity, the joy of living, and the enjoyment of life. For this, illustrations have been used to capture this lifestyle, jazz musicians playing in the street, where you can see, people dancing in the background, enjoying themselves.

All of this in warm colours, with comic aesthetic, with a clear predominance of yellow, Seagram’s brand colour, sponsor of the Jazz Festival’s. Paco Roca did not hesitate in collaborating with Publips in this action for the 19th Seagram’s Jazz Festival at the Palau de la Música in Valencia as: “Music and illustration have often gone hand in hand, they pair up perfectly.

As a jazz lover, I’ve been a big fan of cover and poster designs from such brands as Blue Note or Verve. With these graphic designs for the Seagram’s campaign I was able to pay a special tribute to the feelings that those fabulous vinyl covers provoked in me. The poster shows the bright and cheerful atmosphere of New Orleans and its lively music “.

Ultimately, the campaign will be complemented by actions in the hotel and catering channel thanks to the Seagram’s Gins Swing Crew street band, comprised of four musicians and six dancers that will attract audience to the festival, offering live jazz and swing performances, as well as to some places in the route of the 16 participating establishments in Valencia.


About Paco Roca

Paco Roca (1969) is a graphic novelist who also creates comics, and he is an advertising illustrator. One of his most notable works was the film Wrinkles, with which he won two Goyas and the Award for Best Screenplay and the Award for Best Work of a Spanish Author in the Barcelona Comic Fair and the National Comic Award. Due to its success, a year after its launch it sold over 20,000 copies. A regular contributor for El País Semanal (Spanish newspaper), the Valencian Museum of Illustration and Modernity (MUVIM) recently hosted a retrospective exhibition dedicated to his work.