“The art of the greengrocer”, Val Venosta’s campaign to celebrate the Day of the Greengrocer

Just like every February for the last 4 years, Val Venosta is commemorating the Day of the Greengrocer to support traditional business and professionals within the fruit-selling sector. This year, the campaign “The art of the greengrocer” has been successful in the media and with the authorities of the Antón Martín Market in Madrid. The creative agency that developed the campaign was Publips Serviceplan. This action culminated in a TV sponsorship campaign, in place for one month on the Atresmedia and Mediaset channels during prime time.

“The art of the greengrocer” is an exhibition of visual art that showcases the finalists’ and winner’s creations from a competition that aimed to move away from still-life paintings so that greengrocers – the professionals within the fruit-selling sector – could be the protagonists. The action’s main objective was to put the focus on those individuals who have an essential role in the supply chain that takes products from farm to table, offering fresh fruit and vegetables every morning.
The judges, headed by Daniel Parra – who has won more than 300 national and international awards for painting, design, comics and illustration – chose the work of the student, Sergio Vallés, as the winner, who will receive a cash prize of €3,000. Halfway between a psychological portrait and a still-life, this oil painting shows a fruit-seller choosing apples. A simple scene but which balances a classical composition with a modern aesthetic and colour scheme. One that also perfectly marries with the spirit of the market, where traditional business, cultural activities, and modern restaurants with international menus exist side by side in a type of symbiosis that is becoming increasingly popular in many Spanish markets.

Val Venosta set up this initiative 4 years ago with the help of Publips Serviceplan. The consortium of cooperatives encompasses more than 1,700 fruit and vegetable producers that grow Val Venosta Apples in the Italian Alps. For a decade, they have been selling them in Spain and creating actions throughout the country to drive up sales in the fruit-selling sector. An example of this are its Golden Gold Awards, which are also in their fourth year and which recognise the best greengrocers in Spain.