The third year of Bonic/a Fest, celebrating markets

Once again Publips Serviceplan has created the campaign for the third year of Bonic/a Fest, the festival of Valencian markets. The beer brand and the sponsor for the event, Amstel, has entrusted the promotion campaign to the agency for another year.

With the aim of strengthening the event and developing the creative line followed in previous years, the agency has produced an audio-visual piece that takes the creativity into the domain of the videoclip. A musical piece to inspire citizens to participate and whose adaptation can be seen on À Punt TV in a 20” spot and the full 2’ version of social media.

For another year, the traders are the campaign’s protagonists, who invite Valencians to participate with the seven originals, each featuring a different character. Publips Serviceplan was in charge of the creative strategy and the action which, since August, has generated a high anticipation within the city with advertising panels and larger supports. “You’re looking good!”, “You won’t be able to stop dancing!”, “Let yourself go at the festival of the markets!” are some of the messages publicising the event both on outdoor ads, in the spot, press and digital.

Bonic/a Fest was launched three years ago by Valencia Town Hall with the creative idea, naming and concept developed by Publips Serviceplan. An exportable idea for a campaign and well-known by thousands of Valencians who have responded in their masses to this successful action.