“Two resolutions and one destination”, Lufthansa’s new, inspirational online campaign

New year, new life. The start of the year always brings with it new projects that many of us, unfortunately, don’t stick to. From this insight, “Two resolutions and one destination”, the new digital campaign for the airline Lufthansa, was born. The creative agency behind it was Publips Serviceplan.

Knowing how difficult it is for us to stick to our resolutions, and that “travelling more” is at the top of most lists, the brand wanted to hint at combining future plans with destinations where it’s possible to do them. Then, at least two of our resolutions will be easier to achieve.

That’s the central theme of this campaign whose website www.dospropositosyundestino.es presents us with a dynamic that allows us, not only to be inspired and find out more about wide range of destinations which move away from the usual ones, but also to be in with the chance of winning a trip. With a tool that identifies the best places around the world to achieve our new year’s resolutions, like for example, trying out new gastronomic experiences, learning to dance, doing sport or even finding love.

Because it’s easier to reduce stress from one of Amman’s spas overlooking the Dead Sea or learn to surf while visiting Munich. The lucky ones will enjoy a trip to their chosen destination and be able to achieve two goals in one.

To get people to achieve their resolutions, pieces for social media and content for travel and lifestyle platforms were developed.