Val Venosta creates “Nature Graffiti Art” to honour Greengrocer’s Day

To promote the fruit sales sector, Val Venosta supports the Greengrocers Day for second consecutive year in Spain with the “Nature Graffiti Art” initiative by Publips-Serviceplan.

A photographic exhibition in the Mercado de la Cebada displaying the artistic manifestation on the shutters of those greengrocers’ shops that participated in the initiative and that were affected by vandalism graffiti. In collaboration with a number of urban artists, this is a way to alleviate vandalism suffered by many shops. An action throughout 2017, which starts in Madrid and spreads across the rest of the country. Greengrocers who so wish to join the action can do it through www.grafitisdelanaturaleza.es

Until 13 February, you can see graffiti that started the action and the before and after artistic manifestations. Its inauguration has become the sector’s act of vindication, which usually has little presence in the main socio-economic markers of the country. It has also served to make a call to join the Celebration of the Greengrocers Day, on 6 February, Santa Dorotea, patron of this guild.