With you until the end of time

What we have with Val Venosta is a beautiful love story and one of those where every time we work for them we feel butterflies in our stomach although we have been together for 5 years now. It’s similar to the relationship that you have between a local fruit seller and regular customers. So, in our second consecutive year, we want to highlight the role of the fruit seller as quality representative of our brand and thank him for the personal touch he adds to the service he provides to the consumer.

To acknowledge the fruit sellers’ work, the main television channels of the country have broadcasted three adverts showing the way the fruit sellers recommend the best fruit to his customers for their families.


All the fruit sellers in Spain can get the Kit for demanding fruit sellers. This Kit includes (amongst other items) an apron, a calendar with interesting facts about the fruit that’s in season, a book titled the Demanding Fruit Seller’s Book. This book, written by well-known experts from the agriculture sector in Spain, contains some valuable tips and tricks on how to improve a customer’s shopping experience.



They say lovers have no boundaries and that is why Val Venosta keeps expanding in Mediterranean countries and North Africa.

This is the second year that Val Venosta presents its products to the Maltese market. In order to gain trust, a very important media campaign was launched by the first private telecommunications network from the Mediterranean island.

On the other hand, for the third consecutive year Val Venosta is trying to conquer North Africa’s market with an important outdoor media campaign in six Arabic speaking countries. In order to do that the main channels, women’s and cooking shows have created adverts and sponsorships. Furthermore, a bus ad campaign took place in the main cities of Argelia.