Viceroy launches its most rebellious Christmas campaign

Publips-Serviceplan has once again launched Viceroy’s Christmas campaign. The agency has developed two television spots that vindicate two of the most remarkable traits in their consumers: I am “free” and I am “unique” through the story of the irresistible attraction between two very original characters and their watches.

Continuing the concept of previous campaigns, “It’s what I am”, the central characters of the spot – a boy and a girl – show their rebellious and overwhelming spirit through two 20-inch pieces.

Uno más inesperado que otro.

The ads are titled “I’m Unique” and “I’m Free”, and are accompanied by ACDC’s legendary “Highway to Hell” song challenging the viewer to find the Viceroy watch that best suits their personality.

Grupo Munreco once again entrusts Publips-Serviceplan with the creativity for one of its campaigns, after successfully developing last year’s Christmas campaign for Viceroy, as well as the recently launched campaign for its youngest brand Mark Maddox and the launch of its collection of watches and accessories, “VICEROY / Antonio Banderas Design.