Publips is Serviceplan Spain

By March 27, 2016Noticias
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  • Publips, with headquarters in Madrid, will be Serviceplan Spain after the German group’s strong entry in the shareholding of the Spanish Agency
  • Serviceplan, present in over 30 offices in 25 countries, is the world’s leading independent international group of German origin.
  • Therefore, the first closed international operation post-crisis in the advertising sector in Spain.

Madrid, 18 February.- The ad agency Publips joins one of the most important German communication groups in the world, Serviceplan, with presence in 30 markets. Serviceplan has more than 2,800 employees and an annual turnover of 1.69 billion dollars.

After a year of collaborating as partners on numerous projects, Publips goes one step further with the entry of the German group in its shareholding, thus closing the first major post-crisis international operation in our country. A new Serviceplan Spain agency is born that unites two consolidated companies: Serviceplan and Publips.

Serviceplan has relied on Publips to implement The House of Communicationmodel in Spain, a liquid agency model in which borders fade away and communication, content and results are prioritised. “House of Communication” combines all types of disciplines under one roof including PR, media, creativity, content, data, production, ect. In short, an organisation, to service brands advocating for integration that current advertisers are looking for.

Publips, the second creative agency in the ranking of Youtube Spain 2015, has been chosen by Serviceplan for its agency model, team and work. This been backed by more than 60 advertising awards, especially in new communication, in the last two years, for brands such as Makro, Amstel, Jack & Jones, Viceroy, Cruzcampo or Val Venosta, among others.

Under the agreement, Publips will maintain its independent nature with both offices operating, Madrid and Valencia. In this sense, the continued growth of its headquarters in Madrid has currently contributed to its national and international campaigns for different brands in eight countries. On the other hand, Serviceplan Spain will maintain its headquarters in Valencia as creative, design and international innovative hub to contribute to the development in the field of innovation of the group under the brand Publips-Serviceplan Valencia.

Publips already developed its model of expansion with the creation of INRED, the first regional agencies network with headquarters in Madrid and eight cities in Spain, since 2013.

Luis Piquer, CEO of Serviceplan Spain-Publips, points out: “Our model of agency, fits well with Serviceplan’s “The House of Communication” philosophy. This philosophy translates into an integrated services agency, where everything is created from a good idea and clearly aimed at doing the best job. Definitely, a powerful Spanish-German agency has been born. With German rigour and Spanish creative brilliance. “

(From left to right, Luis Piquer, Markus Noder, Mari Carmen Piquer in the headquarters of Serviceplan in Munich.)

In this sense, Florian Haller, CEO of Serviceplan Group maintains: “We want to offer our services in the most important markets in Europe and the world. Spain is a key market that is growing. With Publips, we have found an agency that is not only independent but is well-established in important cities of Spain for years. We hope to have a successful and exciting collaboration.”

Markus Noder, CEO of Serviceplan International, continues: “Our participation in Publips and Serviceplan Spain is an important step towards our internationalization.”

About Serviceplan and Publips

Serviceplan Group is the largest and diversified communication group in Europe. Established in 1970 as a conventional advertising agency, Serviceplan quickly developed the “House of Communication” concept. In Germany, it is still the only full service agency that exists, combining all types of communication disciplines under one roof: whether in brand strategies, creative experts, specialists in online communication, web page designers, experts in CRM or dialogue, market analysts, PR consultants or sales specialists.

With more than 30 offices around the world. Serviceplan’s objective in the upcoming years is to become one of the global brand benchmarks on an international level in advertising for innovation, creativity and independence from multinationals of the sector. Serviceplan stands out for its recent exponential growth and success in Cannes in recent years.

Likewise, Publips is the most veteran agency in our country. Currently, it has more than 60 professionals – between the central headquarters in Madrid and the international hub in Valencia, plus new incorporations- and has worked with more than 2,000 brands throughout its history-. In short, 60 recognitions and national and international awards in the past years for its work in digital, branded content and new communication, including the Premios Eficacia (Effectiveness Awards). Nowadays, and especially for its growth in recent years, it is known as one of the independent national agencies benchmark in the Spanish market.