Publips-Serviceplan, ranked top ten independent agency in Spain

By October 24, 2016Noticias
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The Valencian agency Publips-Serviceplan ranked top 10 in the prestigious magazine El Publicista’s ranking of independent agencies in Spain. It is the only independent agency of Valencian origin and not based exclusively in Madrid or Barcelona.

The “Independent Agencies” research study is based on the opinion and vision of the group of Spanish advertisers represented by independent agencies. El Publicista has conducted a survey among Spanish advertising companies located throughout the country with an investment volume of over one million euros per year (Infoadex data). The population is made up of different professional profiles operating within the department of marketing and communication. The sample size was 76 professionals.

The interviewed advertisers fundamentally assessed three aspects of Publips- Serviceplan:”its size and ability to host integrated projects, its level of service, its innovative nature and its international component”. Publips-Serviceplan ranked 7th in the ranking.