Publips-Serviceplan begins shooting the feature film Paella Today! that highlights the importance of the Mediterranean

By October 13, 2016Noticias
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It’s the first fiction film promoted by an advertising agency and different ambassador brands that aims to promote Mediterranean values.

Likewise, Paella Today seeks international repercussion for the interest our gastronomic icon par excellence generates and its original recipe.

Filming, which started in early October in Valencia, will last for 5 weeks and will be released in mid-2017.

Pablo Rivero stars in the film and the cast includes Olga Alamán, and Alberto Jo Lee among other collaborating actors in the film.

“Filming of “Paella Today! began early in October, starring actor Pablo Rivero. “Paella Today! is a Mediterranean gastro-comedy, suitable for all audiences, which aims to transcend internationally. The paella is the backstory of a funny love triangle, commented the director of the film, César Sabater”.

The cast includes Pablo Rivero, Olga Alamán, Pau Gregori and Alberto Jo Lee. Produced by Naumaquia, it has the support of IVAC, Valencian Insititute of Culture and the collaboration of several ambassador brands such as Dacsa, Garcima, SH Hoteles and Publips-Serviceplan. Luis Piquer and César Castellote executive produce it.

César Sabater, with more than 20 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, has forged his career in major advertising and television productions. On the big screen, his work for Bigas Luna is outstanding. “With Paella Today! we intend to settle the cinematographic debt with the city after 15 years without any film portraying the Mediterranean as it deserves”. Mainly since filming will take place in the most emblematic scenarios of Valencia during 5 weeks, such as its coasts and historic centre.

A movie with international aspirations

Today Paella! is lined-up for release in mid-2017. Luis Piquer, executive producer and CEO of Serviceplan Publips-has emphasized the commitment to this exciting project for its international possibilities since “it’s intended to entertain, highlighting our hospitable and carefree nature, ultimately exporting our Mediterranean values. In essence, rescue the best essence of the Mediterranean after such a turbulent period“. “In the film-continues Piquer- the paella has a leading role, and this has already generated some interest of Spanish gastronomic institutions in the United States. A project that allows us-through the film and subsequent book-, to acquire deeper knowledge on how our main dish is prepared, its history and the values of its land of origin. “The paella is like our flamenco, a quintessential gastronomic and cultural icon that we haven´t known who to correctly exploit”.

In fact, the film will show how an authentic paella is cooked, our most international dish, which has generated so much apprehension on social networks in recent weeks.

This love triangle starring Paul Rivero, Olga Alamán and Pau Gregori, with Valencia as backdrop, is a great showcase for the city since Paella Today! is more than a film. Piquer has revealed that after the film release this Mediterranean gastro-comedy will have its own novel version of the script published. The novel will contain, more extensively, the fictional story accompanied by historical, gastronomic and historical details of the eastern coast region.

In this sense, actor Pablo Rivero, has described Paella Today! as “a gift” for “the desire I had to do a film comedy and for how well written and fun it is.”

Olga Alamán, the leading actress, has declared to be “excited” to defend the main role playing Lola in a script that has been classified as “a treat” for any actress.

Together with Pep (Pablo Rivero), Vicent (Pau Gregori) and Olga Alamán (Lola), the cast includes Alberto Jo Lee (Jimmy), a regular in series such as Aida, El Barco or productions such as Tapas or La Fuga, and Emilio Mencheta known for his participation in REC3, who plays “El Socarrat”. Likewise, nationally famous Valencians such as the actress Marta Belenguer, journalist Carmen Alcayde or Chimo Bayo will have cameos in the feature film.