Publips-Serviceplan, Eficacia Award for the fifth consecutive year

By October 28, 2016Noticias
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Publips-Serviceplan has won its fifth consecutive Eficacia Award. These awards-which reward efficiency in marketing communication- were handed out last night, Thursday, Oct. 27 at the Royal Palace of Madrid, in a gala hosted by the famous presenter Jesús Vázquez.

In the 26th edition of the Eficacia Awards, Publips-Serviceplan won a Gold Eficacia Award in the special regional/local category for the IKEA “Salvemos la fresca” campaign. This campaign was also among the 9 case studies nominated for the Eficacia Grand Award, which finally went to Spain’s Lottery.

With this gold recognition, Publips-Serviceplan has now five consecutive Eficacia awards. In addition to this one, there is the 2015 Eficacia Award obtained for IKEA’s “More than Words” and those achieved in 2014, 2013, 2012 for Amstel. Proof that creative, daring and visible communication can also be effective.

Publips-Serviceplan’s second EFI for IKEA

This edition’s award-winning campaign corresponds to the one created for IKEA, “Salvemos la fresca”, in which IKEA set out to save one of the most Spanish traditions that exists, along with the siesta: la fresca. This healthy habit of sitting outside at around 21: 00h in order to beat the high summer temperatures and chat with neighbors, forgetting about daily concerns. A custom that is slowly becoming extinct with the proliferation of air conditioning.

Campaign results? The video of the action was shared over 10,000 times on social networks, in just two days over 6,500 comments were generated, 400 media were interested in the news. A campaign that managed to be on the Youtube Ads leaderboard, among the 5 most organically viewed ads by users. Oh. And the chairs sold out.

About Publips-Serviceplan

 Publips-Serviceplan is the 7th independent agency in Spain according to the “Independent Agencies 2016” report conducted by El Publicista. In addition, Publips-Serviceplan is the 2nd creative agency in the Youtube ranking for number of campaign views and driving force of the feature film Paella Today!, a Mediterranean gastro-comedy.