Publips Serviceplan unearths the secrets of “El Desentierro”

By November 23, 2018 Noticias
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El Desentierro”, the film featuring Leonardo Sbaraglia, Michael Noher and Jan Cornet was released on 16th November. The entertainment and content marketing division of Publips Serviceplan led the promotion campaign for this project which is set to be one of the best Spanish films of autumn. And not without reason; it was the big winner at the Valencian Audio-visual Awards (Premios del Audiovisual Valenciano) receiving six awards, including for best film, best director and best script.

The transmedia campaign for the launch and promotion of the co-produced feature film consists of a TV spot, a digital campaign with interactive games, ad hoc pieces for social media, strategically placed interactive OOH pieces within the major cities and a special campaign featuring the ‘Desentierro bus’ which can be found in central areas of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. In Madrid, the OOH action has caused a real stir because of placing of the bus near spaces that have been controversial for other exhumations (‘desentierros’) like at the Cathedral de la Almudena or the Congress of Deputies.

Director Nacho Ruipérez’s debut, starring Leonardo Sbaraglia, Michael Noher and Jan Cornet, was co-produced by Filmax, TVE, El Desentierro AIE, Culturarts, Abordar SL and the Argentinian Aleph media SA. And various touristic brands have already taken advantage of the feature film that takes place at the Albufera to promote themselves simultaneously.

Interactive games that involve the spectator

The digital campaign revolves around a promotion on the film’s website,, where users have the chance of winning prizes related to the film after finding 6 clues. A competition-type challenge with the aim of encouraging spectators to go to the cinema, for which creative totems with real clues were created for OOH promotion alongside the digital campaign. To maximise trailer viewing figures, both on social networks and on YouTube, a 10 second format was chosen. Pieces have been created on an ad hoc basis for each media, adapted to the specific characteristics and designed with mobile consumption in mind.

New entertainment production division at Publips Serviceplan

Publips Serviceplan’s area of advertainment has officially commenced operation with the successful on and offline promotion campaign for this film. “El Desentierrohas already become associated with brands related to themes that the film touches on, to make the most of the content, and benefitting all parties. The agency has driven the creation of this new area of production and content marketing for fiction and entertainment following previous experience in content creation and promotion, like for example the film Paella Today, the first film to be produced by an advertising agency in Spain, designing and producing festivals like Bonica Fest or the co-creation of events like World Paella Day in which numerous brands could participate from the outset.

As part of its transformation into the House of Communication as a group of services that covers different disciplines, the agency’s new division combines the services of an advertising agency with those of content production (with the producer Cla Cla Films and other partners within the sectors of entertainment and influential marketing like R Medios Marketing). The agency is therefore able to generate and offer formats that consumers really want, and which goes beyond conventional advertising with for example, cinema, series, festivals, musicals, videogames etc., while making the most of protagonists’ visibility to generate influential marketing.

Branded content is changing and Publips Serviceplan has decided to embrace this change to generate and benefit from entertainment linked to current consumer trends. “It’s about understanding consumers and what they are interested in and looking for a way to link that to brands. We are half way between being a fiction producer and an agency, which creates entertainment with potential and gives brands an opportunity to leverage it from the start”, says Luis Piquer, CEO de Publips Serviceplan.