The Mercedes-Benz for FUSO campaign which “has everything to convince you”

By July 22, 2019 Noticias
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Publips Serviceplan has kickstarted its collaboration with Mercedes-Benz for its FUSO range of lorries. The first eco-hybrid urban lorry distributed with the support of Daimler Mercedes-Benz. A versatile lorry that can be driven at any time, even in cities that have restrictions on movement. A vehicle that practically sells itself. And, “it has everything to convince you”.

With the product and brand in mind, the agency has created a campaign aimed at the autonomous transport market, to spread the name of the lorries and their advantages at their main touchpoints. The campaign, “It has everything to convince you” has had presence on digital, radio and as an experiential activation with a lorry that speaks and sells itself at the main markets in Spain: an action which was created with the aim of capturing qualified leads.